The purpose of this document is to explain the ‘Inactive for Fulfillment’ section of the ‘Inventory’ tab in the ShipCaddie TWMS system. 



This area is used to deactivate SKUs for certain Order Sources, so they will not show available for sale. The ‘Inactive for Fulfillment’ tab will be used by Admin Users within the ShipCaddie TWMS system.



  1. ShipCaddie TWMS Implementations Team will establish, implement, and maintain this procedure documentation.



Video tutorial of this process can be found here. (Coming Soon)



  1. Navigate to the left side of the ShipCaddie TWMS screen. Select ‘Inventory’ and ‘Inactive for Fulfillment’.
  2. This screen will show you the list of SKUs for the company you are logged into.
  3. At the top of the screen, there are search fields for Company, Inactive for (sources) and Search for SKU/UPC.
  4. To activate or deactivate for a particular Order Source, simply click on the Order Source name. See Figure 1

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Figure 1