The purpose of this document is to explain the ‘Transfer Inventory’ section of the ‘General Warehouse’ tab in the ShipCaddie TWMS system. 



The ‘Transfer Inventory’ process will be followed by Admin Users within the ShipCaddie TWMS system.



  1. The Warehouse Admin Users are responsible for Transferring physical inventory when needed.
  2. ShipCaddie TWMS Implementations Team will establish, implement, and maintain this procedure documentation.



Video tutorial of this process can be found here. (Coming Soon)



This can be used to replenish the quantity of SKUs within warehouse bins.

  1. Navigate to the left side of the ShipCaddie TWMS screen. Select ‘General Warehouse’ and then ‘Transfer Inventory’.
  2. This screen will show a list of Pick Bins that need to be refilled.
  3. With your barcode scanner, scan the Bin on which you are working. See Figure 1


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Figure 1


        4. A new screen will appear showing information about the items in this bin. See Figure 2. 

        5. In the ’Items to Transfer’ box, enter the quantity you want to transfer.

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Figure 2


        6. In the ‘Target Warehouse Bin’ scan the bin that you are transferring this inventory to.

        7. Once the bin is scanned, the inventory will automatically move to the new location. System will audibly announce it.