What does DDU/DDP mean or stand for?

When shipping internationally, it is common to run across the acronyms DDU and DDP. But what do they actually mean? DDU stands for "Delivered Duty Unpaid" and DDP stands for "Delivery Duty Paid". The "Duty" in the acronyms is referencing the Duties and Taxes that is paid at Customs in the foreign country when the shipment is imported. If a shipment is sent as DDU, then the recipient of the shipment will pay the total amount of Duties and Taxes owed on the shipment. If a shipment is sent as DDP, then the shipper (or sender) of the shipment will pay what is owed for the Duties and Taxes on the shipment.  

If you would like to know more about what Duties and Taxes are and what items are subject to them, see https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/kbyg/customs-duty-info for the US. Please note that each country has their own specifications regarding Duties and Taxes. 

Are both options available in ShipCaddie?

Yes! ShipCaddie does support shipping via DDU or DDP for all carriers that support it. Not all carriers offer the ability to mark a shipment as DDU or DDP. Reference the table below for carrier support:

DHL eCommerceYes-
DHL Express
NoAll international shipments are sent as DDU
EndiciaNoAll international shipments are sent as DDU
Stamps.comNoAll international shipments are sent as DDU
e-VSNoAll international shipments are sent as DDU
OliveN/ADoes not support international shipping

Can I see which shipments went as DDU or DDP in ShipCaddie?

Yes! ShipCaddie offers the ability to see which of your shipments that Duties & Taxies is applicable to and which had the Duties & Taxes paid (DDP) or unpaid (DDU). This is visible in the Shipment History section with the "Duties & Taxes" column. The column will display three values depending on the shipment:

  1. "Not Applicable" - This is a non-international shipment
  2. "UnPaid" - This is an international shipment with Duties & Taxes Unpaid (DDU)
  3. "Paid" - This is an international shipment with Duties & Taxes Paid (DDP)

Example Column -

Can I see how much the cost would be to ship DDP/DDU?

Soon, yes! We are currently working on a feature in ShipCaddie that will allow you to see the total cost of the Duties & Taxes. Once this feature has been released, this article will be updated with more details!