The purpose of this document is to explain to the ‘Company User’, how to use and build Customer Profiles.



These instructions can be followed by Company Users within the TWMS system


  1. ‘Company Users’ are responsible for creating and maintaining their Company’s ‘Customer Profiles’.
  2. ShipCaddie TWMS Implementations Team will establish, implement and maintain this procedure documentation.



Video tutorial of this process can be found here. (Coming soon)



Customer Profiles are typically created/used for Customer accounts that order frequently. It saves you from having to enter in all the customer information when manually entering in an order. You are also able to attach ‘Routing Guides’ to profiles. (See training on Routing Guides)

  1. Go to the tabs section at the left side of the screen. Orders > Customer Profiles. If you have profiles already built, they will show up on this screen. See Figure 1.
  2. To look at the details of a profile, simply click on the ‘Account Name’

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Figure 1


  1. To create a new profile. Click the green ‘New Profile’ button. The order info tab will open, and you will be able to fill in Account Information, Order Information and Shipping Information for this customer. If you have a Routing Guide that this profile needs to be assigned to, select that here. See Figure 2.

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Figure 2

  1. Open the ‘Addresses’ tab to enter in the shipping and billing address’ for this customer.
  2. That’s all there is to it. Now when you are manually adding an order, you can select this customer profile and all of their information will be instantly populated for you.