The purpose of this document is to explain what the Google Folder is used for when setting up a new ShipCaddie site.

To view a video of this tutorial click the link... Google Sheets tutorial

When a new Warehouse is ready to begin using ShipCaddie TWMS we will share a Google Folder with you. This folder contains several sheets that will need to be filled out so we can either add or sync the information to your new site.  Your folder will look similar to this when opened.

The 'Company SKU sheets' folder contains  'SKU sheet BLANK' (this is the master sheet) & copies of it should be made for each Company within your warehouse. Below in the example- the highlighted one is the Master and the other 2 are copies.

Within the SKU sheet is 2 tabs. One is for SKUs (even box and supply SKUs) and the other is for KITs.

In the SKU sheet, make sure you enter in as much information you can. Some fields may not apply to you, and that is ok to skip those.

Within the KIT tab. First you will enter in the KIT SKU (which does need to be in the original SKU sheet before it can be added to the system) the kit qty will always be 1... then add the component SKUs and the qty of each that is needed to build each KIT. Advise the ShipCaddie Implementations team once your sheets are completed.  *Please see video at the top of this document for more detailed instructions

Now lets go back to the main folder.  The TWMS user template is just what it sounds like. This is where you will add information for the users you need created. In some cases we may create a few main admin users and have those users create the rest.

Next we will look at the Master SKU Locations sheet. This one is simple, just add the warehouse bin location, the SKU that is in that location and the quantity. All of the different companies within your warehouse will be entered in this sheet together.

Lets look at the Master Location List next.  This sheet needs each and every location listed as well as the type of location it is. PickBin, Pallet, Flats etc...  Different Warehouses have their own names for 'types' so fill in what you call them in your warehouse.

Next we will look at Master Integration User Credentials. This is the sheet you will use to add credentials for your companies. This is more involved and has separate training material for each (Shopify, Amazon etc...)

And last we have the Carton-Box Types sheet.  These are the boxes/packages you use to ship items out in. They will need to be in the SKU sheet as well as in this sheet.  In the 'type' column please put which company uses this particular item.