The purpose of this document is to provide instructions on how to add a new user in ShipCaddie TWMS.



These instructions should be followed by ShipCaddie TWMS to set up the first few Admin users, and those Admin users will then create additional users.



  1. The Warehouse Admin users are responsible for managing the users as well as the rights those users are assigned.
  2. ShipCaddie TWMS Implementations Team will establish, implement and maintain this procedure documentation.



Video tutorial of this process can be found here. Video Tutorial.



When a new ‘company user’ or a ‘warehouse user’ is ready to start using ShipCaddie TWMS, you will follow these steps to create a ‘User’ for them. This will give the user the ability to log into TWMS.


  1. Towards the upper right of the window, select the warehouse and company this user will need to access.

                  a. If the user needs to see ‘All Companies’, select the main company in the company dropdown. This will                         always be the first company is the list.

        2.  Navigate to the left side of window and select Users and View Users.

                  a. This screen will show a list of all users already created for this company.

        3.  In the upper right corner, select the green ‘New User’ button.

                  a.  Add the users email address to the ‘email address’ field.  Note: this MUST be a valid email address,                             the temporary password will be sent to it.

        4.  Enter First, Last names in the next fields.

                  a.  If this user will be performing work/tasks that the warehouse will charge companies for – leave the                            ‘Non-Revenue User’ box unchecked.

                  b. Save by clicking the green 'Save' button

        5.  Security Tab – This is where you will assign a role to the user. 

                  a.  If this user is Warehouse Administrative staff, select ‘Enable Admin Access’. This is the highest role                              and can access everything.

                  b.  If the user is within one of your companies/customers, select ‘Basic Customer Rights’. This will allow                           the user to do everything they need within their company.

                  c.  If the user is a Warehouse worker, select ‘Add Basic Warehouse Rights’ – this will allow them to Pick,                           Pack, Ship, etc..

                  d.  SAVE

        6.  Warehouse Access Tab – 

                  a. Select the Warehouse this user needs access to.

        7.  Companies Access Tab

                  a.  f this user needs access to all companies, select ‘All Companies’

                  b.  For individual Companies, select them from the list by clicking the green button next to each                                       company name.

        8.  Admin Setting Tab – nothing needs to be done with this tab.

        9.  Go to the ‘User Detail’ tab

       10. Click the link that says ‘Send a password reset email’

                  a. Let the user know to look for that email

                  b. You will need to send the user the URL to your ShipCaddie TWMS site.