The objective of this tutorial is to walk you through adding a new user in TWMS ShipCaddie.  Keeping in mind, you must have the correct rights to be allowed to create a new user.


  1. Log into your ShipCaddie TWMS site. 
  2. The upper right corner has a dropdown list of all of the Companies in your site.  Make sure you are in the correct company. If this user is employed by the Warehouse, make sure you are in the main company.
  3. Along the left side of the screen select USERS > VIEW USERS You will now see a list of Users that are already created. 
  4. At the upper right side of screen select NEW USER.  A new screen will appear.
  5. Add a valid email address for the user (this is a must)
  6. Add First Name and Last Name.  If this user works in the warehouse and does work that can be billed to the Companies within your warehouse, leave the 'Non Revenue User' un-checked.  If the user is with one of the Companies or warehouse administrative staff- the 'Non Revenue User' box will need to be marked. Select SAVE
  7. The screen will change and show several more tabs along the top of the User Information section.  Select the SECURITY tab. 
  8. Depending on what the user needs to do, you have several options to choose from.
    1. ENABLE ADMIN ACCESS - will give all rights to the user
    2. ADD BASIC CUSTOMER RIGHTS - is for the companies within your warehouse
    3. ADD BASIC EMPLOYEE RIGHTS - is for employees that work in the warehouse picking, pulling, forklift drivers etc...
    4. If none of these options apply, and you want to give specialized rights, you can simply select rights from the list for this user.
    5. SAVE 
  9. Now select the Warehouse Access tab.  Choose the warehouse(s) that this user needs access to.
  10. Select the Companies Access tab. Choose which companies this user needs access to.  If they need all, select ALL COMPANIES 
  11. Go back to the USER DETAIL tab. Click SAVE again and then click the link that says 'Send a password reset email' - this will do exactly that... send a password email to the user. 
  12. Send the user the ShipCaddie TWMS URL link that they will need to log into in a separate email.  *(copy the ShipCaddie website you are in)