This document will explain how to add a new Company in your ShipCaddie site manually.

Once you are logged into ShipCaddie, Go to the menu at the left side of the screen and choose 'Admin' > "Company Setup"

Next, click on the green plus sign at the top right of the screen.

Add the 'Code' you want to use for this particular company.  It needs to be original.  For example - if your new company name is 'Creative Gift Boxes' you could use 'CGB' as the code.  The code will be used in the order numbers, for example, an order number might look like this 'CGB12056'.

Next add the new Company name, where you want their workflows to start, and the default warehouse.

There is a section to add a logo, keep in mind as of today (Aug 2022)- this feature has not deployed yet but it is coming in the future.  We can have our Dev team add the logo for you for now.

Now SAVE.  You have just added a new company to the site!