WOOCommerce Setup Instructions

To Get your Customer Key and Secret:

  1. Log on to your WordPress Administrator site

  2. Select WooCommerce → Settings from the left navigation bar.

  3. Select the Advanced tab and check the 'Enable the Legacy REST API' box

  4. Click the 'REST API' sub-link option and then the 'Add Key' button.

  5. Enter a description and select a user and permissions. Note: Permissions MUST be set to Read/Write so ShipCaddie can tell WooCommerce when an order is shipped.

  6. Click the 'Generate API Key’ button.

  7. Copy the Customer Key and the Customer Secret key.

  8. Copy your WooCommerce admin URL 

Please note:

We fully support 3.0.0 and higher version of WooCommerce

To get Tracking information back into WooCommerce, install the plugin located at https://woocommerce.com/document/shipment-tracking/   When installed, we can enable a setting to push the tracking number there.