The purpose of this document is to explain the Google SKU sheet to Warehouse Customers.

Click this link to view a short video on this topic. Customer SKU Sheet

We will share a Google Sheet with you. This sheet will be to add your Company’s SKUs and KITs.  The title of the sheet will be similar to “SKU sheet [your company name]” please fill out as much information as possible for each SKU.  You will also need to add any boxes and packaging item to this SKU sheet.


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If your company has ‘KITs’ you will fill out that sheet as well. You will see the ‘KITS’ tab at the bottom of the sheet. *The main KIT SKU, and the component SKUs, need to be included on the main SKU sheet before the kit can be built inside ShipCaddie.

The main SKU sheet will be automatically linked to your ShipCaddie site and any new SKUs you add, will be added to the system on a regular basis (every hour).