Objective: The purpose of this document is to familiarize the user with the “Expected Returns” section of the “Returns” tab. Returns are either sent by a 3rd party platform or entered in manually by Company user.  For a quick video of the Returns section,  click here.


Upon opening the “Expected Returns” section, the user will see a table with 4 different tabs displayed:

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Description automatically generated

The four tabs display 4 different date ranges that possible expected returns will fall under:

  1. 0-7 Days

  2. 7-30 Days

  3. 30-90 Days

  4. 90+ Days

Each expected return is displayed within one of the four date-range tabs with the following identifying information:

  1. Return ID

  2. External ID

  3. Created – The date the return was “created” or began processing for a return

  4. Customer Number

  5. Customer – The name of the customer

  6. Tracking – The tracking number for the package.