Objective: The purpose of this document is to familiarize the user with the “Find Returns” section of the “Returns” Tab and the steps to utilize this feature.

Description: The section initially opens with a search bar that is used to find a specific return. The following are accepted information to input to find the return:

  1. “Tracking” – The data that was input into the “Tracking” field

  2. “Name” – The customer’s First Name and/or Last Name

  3. “Order #” – The order number, if available

  4. “Email” – The customer’s email

  5. “External ID” – The string generated by ShipCaddie TWMS to uniquely identify the return

  6. “Phone #” – The customer’s phone number

  7. “Description” – The description of the return

  8. “Customer #” – The customer number associated with the return


  1. Locate one of the aforementioned identifying pieces of information about the return 

  2. Enter the information into the search bar and hit the “Enter” key


  1. This section may merge with the “View Returns” section