There may be times that an order needs to be duplicated for re-shipment. This can be done by "cloning" the order. To clone an order, click on the "Clone" icon at the top of the order page (looks like two boxes) - circled in red in the screen shot below.


The system will ask you if you are sure you want to clone the order - click yes.

A new order will be created with the exact same information as the previous order - However, this order will be put "On Hold" so that any edits can be made. 


Once the order information is exactly how it should be, the order will need to be "unheld" by clicking on the "Extended Detail" tab (shown below ↓ in a yellow circle) and clicking the blue "unhold" button.


Cloned orders will have a new system order ID, but will have the same customer order number as the previous order.



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