To create a Kitting Production Order, access the left side menu and click on "Inventory" and then "Production Kitting". (Screen Shots Included Below).


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• Click on the green "Create Order" button to get started.


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• A new window will pop up that will need to be filled out to complete the order. 


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Required Fields...


  • Kit: A dropdown menu will show all of your Kit Configurations - choose the desired kit config from this menu.

  • Quantity: Enter the number of kits that you would like the team to create. If a large quantity of kits are required, we recommend creating multiple batches of kitting orders. It may be a good idea to pre-arrange quantities to ensure we can create the kits in the desired timeframe.

  • Warehouse: This is usually already set - if you use multiple warehouses, there may be options to choose from.

  • Complete By: Add a complete date - you may want to check with the team to get an idea of specific timeframes.


Optional Fields...


  • Description: You may add a description if desired.

  • Production Notes: You may add some simple instructions for how to create the kit.

  • Virtual Warehouse From: If you want the component inventory to be reduced from a specific Virtual Warehouse, indicate which one.

  • Virtual Warehouse To: If you want the competed kit inventory to be added to a specific Virtual Warehouse, indicate which one.

  • Attachments: You may upload any necessary attachments.


• Once you have filled out the Production order to your liking, you can click the "Save" Button.

• After you have saved the order, it will appear on the main "Production Kits" screen.


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• This list can be prioritized to let the team know which requests are most important.

• You can do this by clicking on the yellow "Edit Priority" button and adding a priority number in the "priority" box.