How to create a manual order…

In the left side menu, access the "Orders" tab and then "Create New Order"

 then Graphical user interface 
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A lot of information can be added when entering a manual order, the steps below cover the basic info needed.

• STEP 1) Address - Ship to Name and Address needs to be entered. There is functionality to save profiles so this information can be added quickly. Can be covered later.

• STEP 2) Order Info - An order number needs to be assigned - 

   Order Source = Manual
   Virtual Warehouse = Shopify
• STEP 3) Financial Info - not applicable today.

• STEP 4) Order Detail - Enter the SKU and QTY in the box provided.

• STEP 5) Shipping Info - For today we will be choosing Manual Label for both Shipping Company and Shipping Method.

• STEP 6) Import Files - not applicable today.

• STEP 7) Finalize - Check to make sure everything looks good and click "create order".

If there are any issues with the information in the order, an error will pop up to let you know.