I have included some basic information below that will help you navigate the Virtual Warehouse so that you can keep your inventory organized to your liking. Please note: We do not manage your VW - you are responsible for keeping it up to date.


The Virtual Warehouse (VW) is set up to help you manage how you would like your inventory allocated. Typically your main VW is called “Shopify” (It may be something different if you use another order sourcing application - for the purpose of this tutorial, we will use Shopify as the example). 


The inventory that you assign to this VW will sync with your Shopify store. If there are 5 items assigned to the Shopify VW then Shopify will allow 5 items to be ordered by your customers. You may also have other Virtual Warehouses set up - for this tutorial, we have set up “Wholesale” and "Reserved". These are alternate VWs, which does not sync with Shopify. For instance, you could use the reserve VW to hold inventory so that it will not be available in Shopify. 


Below you will see a screen shot of the “Manage Virtual Warehouses” screen, which can be accessed by clicking the Inventory tab on the left menu in  BlueBox. You can edit the line items by clicking on the "Edit" link to the right of the line item.




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This screen will show you how your inventory is assigned.


  • Total: This column shows how much Physical inventory is being housed in our facility. If you look at Item101, you can see that the large bold number says 720 and under that it says 30 Reserved. That means there is a total of 750 items in physical inventory. However, 30 of those items are already reserved on orders that have been received by BlueBox. So there are only 720 available for sale.

  • Shopify.com: This VW is where you assign the number of items you want to have available for sale in your Shopify store. Whatever number is in this column will be synced from BlueBox to Shopify. This number should never be higher than the number in the Total column.

  • Wholesale/Reserved: These VWs are where you can assign inventory if you don’t want it to be synced with Shopify. The numbers in this column will NOT be synced from BlueBox to Shopify.

  • Unassigned: This column shows you the total number of items that have not been assigned to a VW. If the number is in the positive (green) you have not allocated all of the physical inventory that is available. If the number is negative (-red), then you have over allocated inventory, meaning you have assigned too much and that will cause overselling. If the number is (0 Blue) then the inventory is properly aligned.

  • When working in the VW, it is important to make sure that the sum of the total items from all VW’s is not larger than the bold number in the total column. They should always be equal. Negative (-red) inventory will cause your product to oversell, while positive (green) unassigned inventory is inventory that could be allocated, but is not.

  • When you create ASN’s, you should choose which VW you would like the inventory to be assigned to, and when the ASN is complete, the inventory will be added to the assigned VW. We have provided some reports in BlueBox that you can run to help keep your physical inventory aligned with your virtual inventory.


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If you have any questions, please let us know - the Virtual Warehouse is an important part of inventory management and we want to make sure you are well acquainted with it.