Objective: The objective of this document is to familiarize the user with the functionality of the “Import Orders” section of the “Orders” tab.

Description: The purpose of this section is to add multiple orders at once using a CSV file. A template CSV file is also available for download in this section if needed.


  1. Download the order import template CSV file (if needed)

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Fig. 1.0 – Download Link Highlighted

  1. Define where this order import is coming from using the “Order Source” dropdown menu:

Fig. 2.0 – Order Source Dropdown Menu

  1. Specify where this order import is going to be stored using the “Virtual Warehouse” dropdown menu:

Fig. 3.0 – Virtual Warehouse Dropdown Menu

  1. Upload the file:

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Fig. 4.0 – Upload File Button

  1. Click the “Import Orders” button:

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Fig. 5.0 – Import Orders Button