The purpose of this document is to educate the user on the ‘Orders Needing Attention’ section of the ‘Orders’ tab.



These instructions can be followed by Company Users within the TWMS system. The ‘Orders Needing Attention’ section contains all of the orders that are unable to be fulfilled.



  1. ‘Company Users’ are responsible for their Company’s orders.
  2. ‘Company Users’ are responsible for keeping their Virtual and Physical Warehouses stocked.
  3. ShipCaddie TWMS Implementations Team will establish, implement and maintain this procedure documentation.



Video tutorial of this process can be found here. (Coming soon)



Orders found in this section are here for one of the three following reasons.

  1. The SKU is unknown.
  2. The item(s) in the order are out of stock in the Physical Warehouse.
  3. The item(s) in the order are out of stock in the Virtual Warehouse.


In this screen, the user can select orders and resolve them by clicking the “Resolve Selected Orders”. Or they can resolve all the orders by clicking the “Bulk Resolve All Orders”, if it is possible to resolve all orders. The user can also filter the orders by these four filters:

  1. Error Name: There are four main options for this filter. The user may filter by “All” error names. Or they may filter out all the “Unknown SKU”, “SKU out of Stock (Physical)”, or “SKU out of Stock (VW)” errors.
  2. Virtual Warehouse Filter: The user may filter the orders based on which virtual warehouse they are associated with.
  3. SKU/UPC Filter: The user may input the SKU or UPC of a specific item and filter out all orders that don’t contain that item.
  4. Notes Filter: There are three options for this filter. The user may filter by “All Orders” meaning all orders with and without notes. The user may also filter by “Only Orders with Notes” or by “Orders Missing Notes”

The user can also refresh the list of orders needing attention by clicking the “Refresh List” button and can display the on-hold legend by clicking the “Show Order Detail” button.