The purpose of this document is to educate users on the ‘Kit Configuration’ and ‘Production Orders’ sections of the ShipCaddie TWMS system. 



This document will explain how to configure kits and order, or schedule production orders to build the kits. This area will be used by Admin and Company Users within the ShipCaddie TWMS system.



  1. The Company Users are responsible for the configuration of their Kits as well as placing production orders for the warehouse to build the kits for you.
  2. Admins will have access; however, it is the Company user’s responsibility.
  3. ShipCaddie TWMS Implementations Team will establish, implement, and maintain this procedure documentation.



Video tutorial of this process can be found here. (Coming Soon)



  1. Navigate to the left side of the ShipCaddie TWMS screen. Select ‘Inventory’ and ‘Production Kitting’.
  2. The ‘Production Kits’ screen will open. Select the tab that says, ‘Kit Config’.
  3. If you already have Kit configurations built, they will be listed in this screen.
  4. To configure a new kit, click the green ‘Add Kit’ button located in the upper right corner.
  5. You will be asked to enter the SKU for the new Kit. Note: SKU must already be added to the system. If you need to add the SKU now – look for the training on how to Add SKU.
  6. Once you enter in the SKU for the Kit, put a Quantity of 1 (meaning this is a recipe for 1 Kit) See Figure 1 for this group of steps
  7. Billable Cost- this is the amount per kit that the Warehouse will charge you for building the kit. The Warehouse Admin should put in the amount.
  8. Enter in the name of the Kit.
  9. Add the first SKU and quantity that will go inside of the kit.
  10. To add more SKUs, just click ‘Add New Row’ For each new SKU.
  11. Once all the SKUs are added, click ‘Save’
  12. You have just configured a KIT! Now, we will go over how to schedule production kitting.


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  1. On the Production Kits screen, select the ‘Production Orders’ tab.
  2. On this screen you will see any production orders that have already been set up. You have the ability, using the search filters at the top of the screen, to look up production orders based on the values you enter in. See Figure 2

Figure 2

        3. To add a new Order, click the green ‘Create Order’ button.

        4. Production Order – New will open.

                a.  Choose your Kit from the Kit dropdown

                b.  Enter in the quantity of Kits you need built

                c.  In the ‘Complete By:’ field – put the date you need the kits built by.

                d. You can also add notes and files (maybe a picture of what the completed kit should look like) See Figure 3 

Figure 3

            e. Save

        5. You will now see the main Production screen, with your new order listed.

        6. You can edit the priority of these orders by clicking the orange ‘Edit Priority’ button. Then enter a number in the                     ‘Priority’ column. ‘1’ would be top priority. See Figure 4 below

Graphical user interface

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