Objective: The objective of this document is to educate the user on the functionality of the “Shelve Returns” section of the “Returns” tab. If you would like to watch a video on the 'return' portion of the system, click here.

Description: The initial screen displays a dropdown menu for filters and text field for the SKU of the returned items. After scanning the SKU, a text field for the quantity of the item being shelved appears next to another scan field for the bin that the item will be placed. A small table with the short description of the item as the title will appear. In the table, information about the shelf and bin that the item is supposed to be shelved to as well as information about the current inventory of the item is displayed. After scanning the bin, a pop-up appear confirming the successful shelving.


  1. Scan the SKU of the item to be shelved

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Fig. 1.0 – Initial Screen with 1 Item to be Shelved

  1. Scan the bin that the item will be shelved in

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Fig 2.0 – Item Information Screen