Objective: The objective of this document is to educate the user on the functionality of the “View Orders” section of the “Orders” tab.

Description: The purpose of the “View Orders” section is for the user to be able to see all orders for the company based on the filters input. The order information available in the table is the Order ID, Customer Number, Purchase Order Number, Short Description, Source, Ship To Name, Status, Date Received, Date Shipped, Date To Ship, Date To Ship End, Total Items, Backordered, Total Amount, Total Cost, Tracking, and Workflow. Here is a list of the different filters with descriptions:

“Orders From” – This is the beginning date for the date range of orders to display

“To” – This is the end date for the date range of orders to display

“Status” – This dropdown menu contains all the different statuses for both the customer and the warehouse to filter the orders by. [used primarily by the customer]

“Ship Date” – This filter will display either all orders, past orders, or future orders

“Workflow Step” – This filter is similar to the “Status” filter but has more detailed statuses and is primarily used by the warehouse to manage orders

“Search” – Allows the user to find a specific order based on any of the order’s identifying information contained in the table


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Fig. 1.0 – Initial Screenshot