For this tutorial, I have included screen shots, sometimes the picture may be a bit different than what you see, but the information should still be the same:  If you would like to watch a short video on this topic, click here.

The purpose of a routing guide is to help the operations team know exactly what steps need to be followed to prepare a wholesale order for fulfillment. Each wholesale order should have a routing guide assigned to it. 

• To create a new routing guide, Click on "Company Settings" on the left side menu, and then click "routing guides".
• You may see other routing guides that have previously been created. Check to see if there is one for this retailer already.
• If one does not exist, click the plus sign at the top right corner of the "Guides" box, An empty box will be created at the bottom of the list.
• Type in the preferred name and click the plus sign next to the box with the new name in it. It may be necessary to refresh the page if the new routing guide does not show in the list – it will appear after a refresh.

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• Once you have created the name of the routing guide, find it in the menu and click on the name - this is the home page for your new routing guide.
• Please use the attachments tab to upload any documents related to this Retailer. I.e. routing guide PDF document, shipping guide, packaging info, etc.

• Please make sure to keep the documents updated/current – if an updated routing guide has been sent to you, you can upload the new version and remove the old version.

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• You will also need to add a quick summary of the main actions needed to pack and ship orders for this retailer.
Please review the example below of what some  bullet points may look like - they should be short descriptions of actions that must be taken to get the order packed and shipped correctly. These are the main points that the team will follow, and must include any required action that needs to be performed to avoid any chargebacks.

• If an updated Routing Guide has been sent to you from the retailer, you will need to review the bullet points to make sure they are all still relevant.

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• Once a routing guide has been created, it can be added manually to an order by accessing the order screen and clicking the white pencil in the top right corner of the Shipping Information box and then choose the routing guide from the routing guide drop down menu. 

• When the packing team opens the order during pack out, they will receive a notification that there are specific routing instructions that they need to follow.

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