When shipping internationally, most countries require a commercial invoice and certificate of origin (UPS Only) in order to accept the shipment. Within ShipCaddie, you can enable the following carriers to send these international customs forms electronically:

DHL Express



Even with this setting enabled, you can still get a PDF document of the commercial invoice and certificate of origin for a shipment by following these steps:

  1. Check your printer settings and ensure that the "Commercial Invoice" and "Certificate of Origin" settings are set appropriately
    1. NOTE: The setting "Web Print" will pull up a pop-up in your browser to either send the document to a printer or save it as a PDF onto your computer
  2. Go to Shipping History
  3. Search for your shipment
    1. NOTE: The fastest way to find your shipment is to use the reference number or the tracking number associated with the shipment
  4. Click on the checkbox next to the shipment
  5. Click the "Print" option and the commercial invoice as well as the certificate of origin will be printed
    1. NOTE: The label for the shipment will be printed before the certificate of origin and commercial invoice