ShipCaddie TMS has integrated with Shopify, allowing you to have your Shopify orders seamlessly show up in the Open Orders section of your ShipCaddie account!

Note: You cannot display ShipCaddie rates on your Shopify store if you do not have an Advanced Shopify plan.

Step 1: 

In ShipCaddie, select the "Settings" dropdown on the left side of the page go to Settings > Integrations

Step 2: 

Select "Add Integration"

Step 3: 

In the "Add a New Integration" popup, select "Shopify" found in the Shopping Carts section. 

Step 4: 

Please fill out the "Nickname" and "Shopname" fields. 

The "Nickname" will be the displayed name on ShipCaddie for this store. 

The "Shopname" will be the name of your website. Please note that you do not need to include "" as automatically handled by ShipCaddie. 

Step 5: 

Please select how you would like ShipCaddie to sync your orders from Shopify. 

"Sync orders on login" will only sync your Shopify orders into ShipCaddie when you log into your ShipCaddie account. 

"Auto sync on schedule" will sync your Shopify orders on a customizable schedule. 

Step 6:

On the page shown below, you will be able to configure the status that is returned on a Shopify order. 

- Ready to Ship Indicators: This is the status that ShipCaddie looks for to know when the orders are ready to be sent to the Ready to Ship screen for the label to be printed

- Fulfillment Status: This is the status that ShipCaddie looks for in your Shopify orders to know if they are ready to be pulled into ShipCaddie

- Status Returned When Label Is Printed: This is the status that ShipCaddie will send back to Shopify for the orders once they have finished processing in ShipCaddie (i.e., after the label has been printed)

Step 7:

Before you can finish setting up your Shopify integration, please read through this screen. 

Please be aware that you cannot display ShipCaddie rates without an Advanced Shopify plan. See this article for more details - Setup ShipCaddie Rates in Shopify

Step 8:

The following message will display when your Shopify account has been successfully added to ShipCaddie. Going forward, your Shopify orders can be found in your "Open Orders" tab on ShipCaddie.