Return labels can easily be made in ShipCaddie! In this guide, we will cover the process of creating a return label for a shipment previous made in ShipCaddie. 

Step 1: Find the shipment in "Shipping History"

  • Find the shipment you would like to create a return label for in "Shipping History" under the "Shipments" tab

Step 2: Select the action menu for the shipment

  • Hover over the shipment to display the action menu

Figure 1.1 - The action menu can be seen circled in red

Step 3: Select the "Copy" button 

  • Then confirm that you would like to make a copy of the shipment 
  • This will make a copy of your shipment and send it to "Ready to Ship"

Figure 1.2 - The "Copy" button can be seen circle in red 

Step 4: The "Clone Shipment" page will open 

  • In the "Package Details" section of the page, select the "Options" tab
  • Click "Click + to add"

Figure 1.3 -  Select "Click + to add" found under "Package Details" in the "Options" tab

Step 5: Select the "This Package is a Return Label" tab

  • In the "Package Options" window that has opened, select the "This Package is a Return Label" tab 

Figure 1.4 -  Select the "This Package is a Return Label" tab found on the left side of the "Package Details" window 

Step 6: Select the desired label type, then click "Submit" 

  • Select the method the label will be paid for by selecting a "Label Type" 

Figure 1.5 -  A label type must be selected to generate a return label 

Step 5: Select the "Print" button at the bottom of the page

  • The label that prints will have the addresses switched

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