A serial number option has been added to ShipCaddie in the "Package Details" section. This is in the case that Serial Numbers would like to be used instead of SKUs. You can include a SKU or a serial number, or both. Both fields are not required to be filled out, but one of the fields must be filled out.

What is a serial number?

A serial number is a unique identifier assigned to items to identify them. They may contain letters as well as numbers.

How to add a serial number to a shipment:

When creating a new shipment or editing a shipment in "Ready to Ship" you can access the serial number option by clicking on the "Click + to add" box, or by clicking on the pencil icon. 

Figure 1.1 - You can edit "Package Details" by clicking either "Click + to add" or by clicking the pencil icon

Figure 1.2 - Seen here is the new Serial Number field

You may decide to not fill out a serial number. You can still submit the content details by clicking the blue "Update" button at the bottom. 

On the right side of the page, the LBS, Value, and Tariff fields may be lined in orange. These fields are required only for international shipments.

Figure 1.3 - After filling out any "Package Details" you would like to be listed, you can click the blue "Update" button to proceed 

Once updated, the "Package Details" section will appear similar to below.

Figure 1.4 - What the "Package Details" section will look like with both a SKU and Serial Number 

Do you have any questions on using Serial Numbers in ShipCaddie? The ShipCaddie Support Team is here to help. Please reach out to help@shipcaddie.com if you have questions.