Ready to start purchasing insurance for your shipments?  Here is a quick guide to get you up and running in minutes.  The following 2 items need to be completed in order for you to start shipping.

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About InsureShield Shipping Insurance
Purchasing Insurance for a Single Shipment


1.  Select Your Insurance Options

2.  Add a Payment Method and Purchase Caddie Credits (if not already using Caddie Credits)

1.  Select Your Insurance Options

From the ShipCaddie Menu, select Settings & Manage Account

  • Select the Tab on the top called "Shipping Protection"
  • Ensure that your Claim contact information is correct.  This will be the contact that the claims adjuster needs if they have questions about a claim.

Select your options for when to apply Insureshield™ Insurance.  

a.  Use carrier coverage only: Selecting this option will auto purchase carrier liability coverage.

b.  Let me decide with the shipment: Selecting this option will not auto purchase any Insurance but you can select it when creating individual shipments (See instructions on how to Purchase Insurance on a Single Shipment)

c.  All of my shipments: Selecting this option will auto purchase insurance on every shipment

d.  Match an existing filter: Selecting this option will allow you to create select a pre-defined filter. To create filter's, go to your ShipCaddie Settings

e.  Match Criteria:  Selecting this option is similar to the filter, but you can setup your criteria directly in this panel.  You can create multiple criteria values, or just select one.  

For example, if you want to auto purchase insurance for any shipment with a value over $100 AND shipped within the US, you would add the following criteria:

Once your options are setup, select Update.

2.  Add a Payment Method and Purchase Caddie Credits (if not already using Caddie Credits)

If you already have a payment method setup for purchasing USPS postage, this step is not needed.  However, if you are new to Caddie Credits, a payment method needs to be added and Caddie Credits purchased before you can start purchasing Insurance through InsureShield™. 

Setup a Payment Method
Payment methods can be setup via a credit card, which does charge a 2.5% interest fee, or a checking or savings account (ACH) payment option. To setup your payment options:

  1. From the Settings Option, Select Manage Account
  2. Select Payment Method on the top Menu Bar
  3. Select Add Payment Method
  4. Select Link a bank account or Link a debit or credit card

Purchase Caddie Credits
Think of Caddie Credits as you bank balance for purchasing postage and or insurance or other fee's associated with shipping.  Your Caddie Credits is also used to pay for your monthly subscription fee for ShipCaddie.  

You can do a One-Time purchase, which is recommended to start your account, and then select Auto Purchase, which ShipCaddie will automatically purchase additional funds as needed based on your specification.

To see a balance of your Caddie Credits account, select the Ledger tab under account management.  Here you will see individual purchases (debits) and postage purchases (credits) in your ledger.