One of the many ways to connect in orders to ShipCaddie is via ODBC.

To use ODBC, you will need to do the following:

  1. Read the attached "ODBC Instructions"
  2. Download ShipCaddie Direct from Settings < Printer Setup
  3. Set up your database on the machine/computer you will be connecting
  4. Create the ShipCaddie ODBC map, called "ODBC.json" (see attached example and blank file)
  5. Paste your map in ShipCaddie-Direct < Settings < Config files as "odbc.json"
  6. With ShipCaddie open, "Reconnect" ShipCaddie-Direct
  7. Look for the Windows notifications that confirm a successful connection.
  8. Test it!

NOTE: ShipCaddie-Direct taps into your own database connection to access your selected order data. Therefore, we are architecture and driver agnostic and can work with both 32 bit or 64-bit architecture.

For further questions, contact your database administrator or contact ShipCaddie Support.