Our API offers developers a clean and powerful interface to manage print labels through multiple channels and via multi-carrier shipping routes. We help businesses succeed through shipping, by helping them to obtain rates, print labels, track packages, and facilitate returns, as well as electronically fill out and submit international paperwork. 

You have two ways to connect to ShipCaddie services using our API:

  • Option 1: Use our TMS API for ShipCaddie:
    1. The current API version is 2.1. You can access the API documentation by clicking here. A few points to consider using this API:
      • Generate and download a custom ShipCaddie API client for the language of your choice (C#, Ruby, PHP, etc.) by clicking here.
      • Try our Swagger file to help speed up your integration. The file URL is available by clicking here.
      • Access all shipment and reports for the API use on our TMS front end, ShipCaddie (https://app.shipcaddie.com )
  • Option 2: Use our Endicia emulator
    1. This is helpful for those with an existing Endicia API integration and can facilitate same-day launch
    2. Account number is issued by us, not Endicia.
    3. Simply replace the calling URL with our API URL and keep your existing Endicia endpoint request. Then you'll receive the response model you already have set up for Endicia--no edits or configurations required.


Each API release is revision-controlled; however, hotfixes that are not a breaking change (i.e. removal or change in response attributes or request parameters) will be published as needed.


A note on API credentials used for API testing and production as well as logging into our SaaS application (app.shipcaddie.com):

  • We recommend using a unique email account to access API so you can track where changes were made or records created
    • Username: an email address is required
    • Password: recommend at least 8 characters using both numbers, characters and special characters