ShipCaddie automatically generates the appropriate customs forms for your international shipments. If your shipment is from a synced order, there's even a good chance the information is already attached.

To find your content information:

  1. In the "Add Shipment" page, look in the third column, halfway down
  2. Click on the "X Item(s) in Package" box

This "contents" popup will contain any synced product information, or you can add it by hand. You can even search saved products by typing in the SKU or Name sections.

To add customs information:

  1. Add/edit the package contents
  2. Add the required information for customs declarations
    1. Fill out the weight, value, and country of origin for each item
    2. Add a harmonized code or tariff number, if necessary (To help with finding tariff codes:
  3. Click "Update" to save

NOTE: ShipCaddie will not print international postage until the customs declaration has been properly filled out for each inventory item, per USPS requirements. If the label prints, it is complete. You may still have to sign the label in the appropriate place.